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Find Your Ford Dump Body Truck for Your Business Needs

Looking to find a commercial dump truck to meet the needs of your fleet or business? At Battlefield Ford Commercial Truck Center, we can help you as we provide upfits for all different industries and that includes a custom dump truck body.

Dump truck bodies are upfitted to our fleet of Ford Super Duty trucks like the F-450 and up. You can purchase these options already put together from us to save time and the process of ordering chassis cab options to be upfitted. These give you the ability to load up a large amount of supplies from gravel to dirt, or other materials and transport it effectively, while also using the dump truck to deliver it to the job site. We can guide you through finding the right dump truck for your business needs and discuss the commercial vehicle options we have here for those in Manassas, along with Ashburn, Alexandria and Bethesda. We can highlight the different upfit options in terms of size and what type of Ford commercial truck you will need, along with the many benefits and perks that our commercial vehicles can provide you and your business.

With the right dump truck body style from us, you can be assured your needs are met, and your business can continue to go strong and grow. If you'd like more information, contact us and we'd be happy to provide you with all the details, answer any questions and get started on the process soon.

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