Commercial vans are important for businesses on the go. Goods and equipment need a roomy and efficient space for transport. Those of us tasked with negotiating delivery routes or driving to distant job sites require a van that can meet your commercial needs. Battlefield Ford is here to help with a wide selection of Transit Cargo Vans, Transit Connect or Transit CC-CA models.

Why a Ford Transit?

Whatever use you have for your commercial van, be it deliveries or transportation of goods and supplies, a Ford Transit cargo van makes sense for many trades. Landscapers, plumbers, florists and general contractors all rely on cargo vans like ours to fulfill customer or client requests in a certain time and manner. If you need to grow your business, the Ford Transit models make it happen.

Which Ford Transit is Best for my Commercial Needs?

Battlefield Ford has three Transit models available:

  • Transit Cargo Van, light-weight build, though unibody construction lends durability. Two wheelbases, a variety of roof heights and body lengths, and two engines to choose from. Good for plumbers, electricians and delivery routes.
  • Transit Connect, for smaller commercial ventures or urban businesses. Expansive interior space allowing capacity for specific uplifts and configurations. Large side panels offer enough room for company logos or commercial advertising.
  • Transit CC-CA, built for heavier service operations, where gravel or dirt are the only ways in and out of a job site. Lightweight, durable, and lends itself to uplifts specific to a contractor's requirements.

OK, the Ford Transit is Right For My Business

Ford has a proven history of giving commercial clientele the right vehicle for any business reliant upon transportation of goods and services. Peace-of-mind comes from a job well done and on time.

All that's needed is to call Battlefield Ford of Manassas, or come down to the dealership to discuss our commercial van lineup today.

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