Whether you need a delivery truck or something to haul your equipment, you might be thinking of getting a box truck. Maybe you're not sure you need one. After all, wouldn't a pickup truck work just as well? Let us at Battlefield Ford show you the benefits of a box truck to make your decision easier.

Plenty of Cargo Space

One of box trucks' big advantage over something like a pickup truck is that they can carry a lot more equipment. This is especially important if you find yourself attaching a trailer to your current vehicle. That's an extra expense and extra drag that will reduce your fuel economy around Ashburn, VA. A box truck is perfect for that type of hauling. Plus, the extra space makes it easy to load and unload with everything you need for your day.

Safety and Security

When you keep your tools in a pickup, you have to be careful about who can access it. You need a secure garage to park it at night, and when you're at a job site in Bethesda, MD, you have to keep one eye on it in case some vandal tries to grab a loose tool. A box truck is enclosed, lockable and much less likely to be stolen than a smaller vehicle.

Free Advertising

While you can put an advertisement on your pickup truck, it won't have nearly the same impact as something plastered across the length of a box truck. You can also place information on the back to ensure as many people as possible will see your brand around Alexandria, VA.

New Box Trucks Available Near Gainesville, VA

Box trucks are a great option for anyone who needs to bring cargo through the city. Make sure to take a look at our full inventory of box trucks and come in to see them in person.

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